Principal Investigator and Research Professor

Christopher Chen

Principal Investigator

Jeroen Eyckmans

Research Professor/Group Leader

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Jennifer (Jen) Bays

Exploring mechanisms regulating vascular morphogenesis

Allison Drain

Using synthetic biology tools to understand and control signaling pathways in liver fibrosis

Palash Dutta

Mechanobiology and Cell-ECM interactions

Sudong Kim

Endothelial cell adhesion and morphogenesis

Mai Ngo

Developing synthetic biology tools to engineer angiogenesis

Tommaso Ristori

Experimentally informed modelling of angiogenesis

Luba Shargodsky-Perry

3D Organ Engineering

Subramanian (Subra) Sundaram

Bridging robotics and tissue engineering

Jessica (Jess) Li Chang Teo

Effects of Notch signaling on cell-cell adhesion and vascular homeostasis

Marina Uroz

Invasion and migration in 3D tissue environments

Graduate Students

Isabel Bjørge

University of Aveiro

Shoshana Das

Harvard-MIT HST

Jourdan Ewoldt

BME, Boston University

Keith Gagnon

Boston University School of Medicine

Megan Griebel

BME, Boston University

Alex Lammers

BME, Boston University

Christos Michas

BME, Boston University

Amy Stoddard

Harvard-MIT HST

Juliann Tefft

BME, Boston University

Anish Vasan

BME, Boston University

Undergraduate Students

Rachel Honigsberg

Pure and Applied Math, BME,  Boston University

Visiting Scientists

Carmen Escobedo Lucea

Andres Sanz-Garcia

Lab Staff

Winnie Wang

Laboratory Technician

Laurie Kelleher

Laboratory Manager

Julia Jesielowski

Senior Program Coordinator

Lola Jesielowski-Sun

Pawsistant to the Senior Program Coordinator

Chen Lab Affiliations:

The Wyss Insitute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University

Biomedical Engineering at Boston University

The Biological Design Center at Boston University